About us.

Understanding your audience (e.g., your clients, potential clients, employees, colleagues), how they interact with you, and how you manage the various marketing tools to keep them engaged have become increasingly important in a world where "staying connected" and engaging with your audience on a regular basis has become the norm.

Let's face it, as a small business owner, you barely have enough time to implement let alone effectively manage your marketing program. Sure, you can use your neighbor's kid who's either getting their marketing or graphic design degree or just creative to get you started but how well do they know your business to help you meet your business goals? 

We specialize in helping small business owners like you get your business off the ground and navigate the marketing process. We provide you with as much or as little marketing and graphic design services that your business needs because every business is unique and every business owner has a different goal. 

Our Services


Websites are the digital face of your company. We use Joomla and Wordpress for ease of use and quicker deployment yet tailored to your specifics needs. Perfect for a small business!

What's in a Proposal?

Putting together a proposal can be daunting. We can help manage and coordinate the process, provide writing and editing services and graphics design/layout/production services.

Print Design Is Not Dead

With "all things digital", there's still something to be said about holding a great-looking brochure, business card or flyer in your hands.

Why Do I Need Marketing?

Ads and social media are pieces of your marketing plan. Marketing is a strategy and a process that is fluid and evolving based on your audience, their needs and how they respond.

Hitting Your Targets

Part of marketing is reaching the right audience with the right message. Let us help you craft those messages and tweak your campaigns using data analysis. 

Gimme a "T" "E" "A" "M"

As a small business, you may not necessarily have the luxury of having a whole marketing team to help you. That's where we come in.

Posts, Tweets, Snaps, Oh My!

Let's explore which social media platform(s) fit your business and we'll help you craft and manage those posts, tweets, etc.

Hosting, Emails & More

What's the advantage of hosting your website with us after we've designed it? It's one less person you have to contact if you need to update a page, back up your site or help you troubleshoot your emails.

Let’s talk about how Blue Phoenix can help

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